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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The mirror looked most inviting the other day, especially since I wanted to preen before it. The reason being the new haircut….ok bad English….the haircut.
Its not very different from the earlier one, just that its an incy wincy bit shorter than before. (Women, you’d understand that, men - it doesn’t matter anyway)
So I twirled and hummed and posed and smiled. And then I went upclose.
THERE it was, glaring at me, quite straight. But, three months is a long time, it had grown. I could deal with that. Then I flicked my hair and was shocked. I did a double take. Where there was one at my last haircut, there were now FOUR.
White hair…………… Time and white hair wait for no woman.
Face it…umm I was FACING it alright.
No choice…I realised.
I’m suddenly older…ufff!!!
Not a problem. I still had the haircut and I look pretty. Even with the tyres that I pretend to battle at times. Plus the brain does work well.
And so the day ended with a party that was already planned and it was the next day. Hair forgotten, I actually looked in the mirror, again. Yes yes, for those of you who know me, you’re wondering whatever happened that the mirror summoned! Wasn’t to preen, was to look for the fairest of them all…you see, search for the unseen unknown unheard of other(s) one had begun.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Our generation was lucky. We as kids heard melodious lullabies that prominently figured the moon (Chandoba) and the Neem tree.
With concrete jungles marching all over, there is little space to view the moon and worse still, there few big Neem trees left. In a typical urban setup, everyone is after superfast growing delicate trees like Gulmohar, Peltoforum, Kashid, Jakaranda etc.
So why are we talking about the hardy Neem? With Gudipadwa celebrations just around the corner, unfortunately, a lot of Neem trees get lopped or cut, so that they can be mounted with the gudi. But, the neem (Azadirachta Indica) is a precious tree indeed. It can withstand drought situations, is recognised as a good insecticide, is not too choosy about the soil type it grows in and in the rural set up, is acknowledged as `nature’s dispensary.’
Our ancestors had recognized the medicinal importance of this tree. In the Padmapuran, this tree was identified as the one that gives longevity. Besides in Ayurveda, the Neem’s healing properties are also recognised by Unani medicine. Be it seeds, leaves, flowers, bark or gum, all parts of the neem are useful. It is also being looked at as a biofuel.
This year, a small attempt is being made by the Social Forestry department to give back to nature some Neem trees. Hence, about five lakh seedlings of Neem raised in various nurseries in our state will be kept on sale through 300 retail outlets covering all the districts and most of the talukas.
A research by the Gujrat University concluded that Neem is the best tree because the total value of Neem fruits, fodder, firewood and timber outweighs other tree species like Shami, Babul, Sissoo, Shirish etc. It is an excellent plant for agro- forestry.
So lets try and adopt a neem, nurture it and give a bit of nature back to nature.
So that our kids will not sing Chandoba chandoba ruslas ka, buildingchya mage laplas ka?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The days in my life

Good day
Smile that stays
A grin that goes on and on
Giggles (u will love them if u hear them)
Puns and jokes on the tip of my tongue
Spring in my step, face, actions, talk
Halo, of course around my head
The need to do 3 thousand things instead of usual 1500
Pondicherry, Gokarna, a coffee plantation, the need to travel and stay in Europe for at least a year in the head
A good book, music, sandwiches, pizza, butter chicken, cake and ice cream, lassi, milkshake, tv and the sofa
Somebody to pamper me – from the time I wake up till I fall asleep in the night
Thoughts going here and there
A good workout
My cellphone charged
Internet on my laptop working ‘properly’
Good friends in meeting distance

Hopefully, a day sometime
Kunal cooks breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner
Kunal looks after Arin all through the day
Kunal puts Arin to bed at 8 pm
Kunal takes me out to party – with friends
Some t/v/b52/w – depending on the company
To bed by 3 am
When arin wakes up at 6 am or whatever time, kunal takes him down quietly so that I can sleep till whenever. Neither creates a ruckus. I sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
When? When? When?

An interesting day
Wake up after 7 am. Both boys eat whatever I cook, happily
We head out with friends to some place close by, yet far enough for the day.
Lots of laughter, good fun and happy food later, its time to come back. Enroute collect wildflowers, village madhun bhaaji and fruits. Grab a bite somewhere.
Reach home, Arins asleep. I’m in the land of nod by 9 pm…Hasn’t happened in a long time….should sometime soon.

Lack of sleep = Bad day
Dry eyes
Bored replies
Sparkle less smile
Far away detached look
Constant irritation
Eyebrows that say read between the lines
Pondicherry, gokarna, a coffee plantation, the need to travel and stay in Europe for at least a year in the head

Monday, March 9, 2009


This ones for you o wise ones who know not what my humble o’s stand for. Of course I’m not going to spoon feed you. What I am attempting to do, though is to bottle feed you. Here goes
O – O
Oo – oo
Ooo – ooo
Ummm ok u don’t get it… try this
Oh – oh…so?
Oh wow - nice
Oooooooooohhhhhhhh - Ooooooooooooooooooo
Oh my god – surprise- good/bad – face will convey the emotion
Oh its you – why didn’t I recognise the number and not answer or I’m thrilled…take your pick
Oh no - no
Ouch – don’t
Okkkkkk – I got it
Ooookkk – hmmm…
Only – isn’t it?
One – of course
Oblivious – to so much in the world around
Original – you do know that
Obnoxious – sometimes in behaviour
Outstanding – obviously me
Over and over and over again
Ooomphh – ahem ahem!
Ole - touche
Older - not yet wise enough
Oriented - towards action ;)
Oink – pig – yes that too
Onion – so many layers to unwrap – and so much sting

Friday, March 6, 2009

are diamonds forever?

My pretty diamond earrings came to me when husband dear felt really bad on my birthday last year. What he was feeling bad about I don’t know. It could have been the fact that he didn’t gave me a present since we got married (but I did get surprise birthday parties) or because he keeps losing his temper for all silly reasons…whatever.
He decided I should have diamond earrings. Naturally I was surprised at the insistence. But having smartened up (yes I have, though its just a teeny bit), I agreed. Then he made the most horrid suggestion: That I should buy the earrings on my own and he would give me the money.
Why? To save him to trouble of visitng a jewellery store...the crowd that comes with it...and the very effort of having me ask him for a final opinion on whether the pretty flowers look better than the x factor two stone design or whether I should settle for the contemporary z ones. Men, stop nodding in understanding of his "situation."
Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of gifting the wife? Agreed they were going to be my choice and that they would be worn only by me. I didn’t like the idea. And I protested and he resisted. Till I won and we went to Shoppers Stop in search of jewellery. At the Carbon counter, I saw the earrings I wanted. And we bought them-last May-June sometime.
They sat prettily in my earlobes on and off. I got plenty of admiring and jealous looks from friends and strangers for them and I grew to love them more and more each day.
Then, I took them off the day I lost a diamond from my ring-my engagement ring! And put them in a zip lock bag along with my nosepins and put it away, safely, about a month ago.
I looked for them this morning and couldn't find them. I shuddered and I shivered and I wondered how I would tell the man of my "situation." The predicament deepened as I thought about the number of things I have misplaced...though thankfully, nothing as sentimentally important or as expensive.....Disaster, for sure...
I spent the whole day at work wondering where in the world they could be. My status msg on gchat said Perry Mason, this ones for you: My missing diamonds. I discussed it with boss, chatted with friends online and was generally upset. Inspite of so much thought, I managed to buy myself hugggge sunglasses that take me back to the 70's, and to shop for kitchen essentials. I picked the son up from daycare and believe you me in such spirits was I that when I came home, I completely forgot!
I opened my cupboard and stared at the mess inside. I shut the door, opened the door and hummed raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens...and thought-there's something I have to find....-and then it struck me...my earrings...ooooooo (another reason for the oooo's maybe penned later)... I peeped into the drawer that is their home and Lo and Behold! The bag and the earrings gleamed at me. Such a feeling's coming over me, there is wonder in most everything I see. Not a cloud in the sky got the sun in my eye (I have glares-for the sun, the mischevious glint of the diamonds...whatever) you're the nearest thing to heaven that I've seen...I was back to singing...
I sighed and smiled and sighed and smiled.