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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Out of the window

My kitchen has a window that faces the West. Come Summer, the window and my kitchen get so hot that the swampak process is shut from 11 am to 6 pm. A couple of years ago, I noticed a pair of pigeons, sometimes a trio, roosting on top of the grill to this window. Skeptical initially, of their choice of accommodation, I learned to accept their invasion in the simple hope that lizards would be deterred from using the window for their grand entrance. It worked well, barring the two daring giants who creeped in under their wings, I suspect. So there was a healthy respect where I ignored their repeated attacks on my potted plants and cleaned their poo in their shitty corner. And time flew. Till about a month ago, I saw them collecting and spreading sticks in my window. I grimaced, collected the lot and chucked it. Not deterred, they let the day go and got to work with as much interest the next day. And so it has continued over the last four long weeks. Every afternoon, I open the window, pick up the days collection, throw it out. I tried to dissuade them by tying shiny paper to the grill. Then I tied plastic bags to the sides. But nothing scares them. The last few days, I have been pouring water into the tray they are keen on settling in. This too has not stopped them in their tracks. They ignore my feeble attempts, flutter their wings, kiss each other goodnight and wake up to a new day with new sticks for me to collect. So the doubt has begun creeping in. Am I a house wrecker? Am I a wicked person? Am I being cruel? And then sanity returns, pigeons are terribly dirty nesters. I don’t want to see their poo when I’m cooking my veggies. Should I let weakness creep in even for a day, the egg will be in place and once it hatches, I won’t be able to water the plant in my window. I don’t want to sacrifice that thing of beauty for a bird (who isn’t a joy to me) who can nest somewhere else. I definitely do not want to clean their mess or add to the marauding lot who attack my little lotus pond and hurt my guppies with strange gusto. I do love all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small. But, you see, for this species of feather brains lodging is ok. Boarding and laundry banned.