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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10 pointers for when you decide to do up your home

Hire a contractor/interior design person who will ensure none of your things are stolen and few (if at all) are broken.

Decide milestones you will pay pre decided sums at.

Approve designs before commissioning them. Get the designer to show you a picture of what it will look like-complete with colours, wall art, upholstery, furniture etc.

Once work begins, cook in the morning and head out. Return only for dinner.

Make one room your fortress. Stuff it with books, music and lots of good food to see you through the days you cant go out.

Tune yourself out of cleanliness routines. The dust will accumulate minutes after you finish dusting.

Live without the telly, as an experiment. Will help you reconnect with fly.

Pick and pursue a hobby and an exercise routine.

Talk as little as possible with the workers. Ultimately they will listen only to their boss so catch him/her for the tiniest detail.

Don’t feel bad about correcting an idea you have or a mistake you or they have made. After all its your house and you will have to live with the mistakes.

Confessions of a part time housewife:

Breakfast of brinjal bharit

Snack on bacon egg and bread

Couple of spoonfuls from a tin of condensed milk.

Bites of chocolate cake made at home over pages of good reading

Toss in some banana chips

Dig straight through sandwiches

Break for an orange

Work feverishly on mail, online shopping and facebook

Tired of sitting on posterior. Walk to the terrace, check on clothes upstairs.

Coffee/tea and count the minutes till 4 o clock that brings with it the five-and-a-half-year-old terror.