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Thursday, April 2, 2009

I love, actually I looooove, the water all around me. Swimming has been a favourite for ages. So I joined swimming class. Yes people, I am learning to swim. I do the kicks and the breathing and I do manage the laps as well.
What then am I learning? Freestyle. Why that? Coz over the last ten years, I’ve seen all those slim and healthy people on tv and all they seem to be swimming is free style.
My poor breaststroke pales in comparison, I’ve convinced myself.
Ten swims later, I’m not even half a leg there. Stamina =10/100, breathing and swimming=3/100, breaststroke=75/100. Where does that leave freestyle?
You see, Vinaya my teacher demonstrated how I should rest my pretty head on one hand and kick while keeping the other hand straight by my side when I roll over for air. At other times, the head stays underwater and the bubbles come out of the nose.
Problem 1: The nose, better than Cleo’s, is small. How much can I breathe in?
Problem 2: When the head comes up, how does one rest on one side and breathe in without water rushing into the mouth?
Problem 3: It works on neither hand. I can kick but I can’t kick-roll-breathe.
Problem 4; We haven’t even reached the hands yet!
Problem 5: I feel like such an ass.
That said, I can glide pretty well, and I’m learning to dive-not off the boards-just from the side of the pool. But it’s a good start!
And I feel great, I’m actually quiet excited about getting to the pool everyday! And Arin’s going to start swimming as well! Yahoo!
Maybe by the end of May, I shall be a chic swimmer, and look as cool as they look on tv!